Gellé Frères

Gellé Frères

The journey of Gellé Frères takes in numerous surprising twists and turns. It begins with Marie‑Antoinette’s perfumer, who devised the formulas that would become the maison’s first collection. It then continues through the Parisian scene, taking in legendary boutiques and startling innovation before coming to a rest in the modern day, with a very contemporary range of fragrances and body care products.

The maison has cultivated an exceptional understanding of flowers, something between science and poetry. This allows the craftspeople to remember the romance of their profession even as they develop wholly original techniques.

In the 1850s, for instance, the invention of the hydro-distillation process saw Gellé Frères awarded at five different Universal Exhibitions. The modern brand continues this process of discovery, placing microcapsules in each bottle of perfume to enhance the fragrance’s character and durability.

Besides their scents, the maison has also developed a brilliant collection of shower and bath products. Part of the ‘Queen next Door’ range, they leave skin soft, comfortable and scented with a glorious natural aroma.

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