Figs & Rouge

Figs & Rouge

Each individual Figs & Rouge product brings natural bio-active technologies together with cutting-edge formulations to leave users with beautifully restored complexions.

Conceived by Chester-based, holistic health therapist Debra Riley and artist Nicolas Gawn, the brand released its first offerings in 2007. Inside the gorgeous art deco packaging, every formula is developed to address specific skincare needs, diminishing minor imperfections in the restoration of a flawless and more luminous skin tone.

The exquisitely balanced blends utilise both essential and enhanced bio-active properties, incorporating the goodness found in proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Working with independent skincare and research centres across Europe, Figs & Rouge deliver natural, highly beneficial results. Better still, all products are not only cruelty- and GMO-free but also comprised of at least 90% naturally derived ingredients. Most products are also vegan-friendly, and the brand prides itself on absolute transparency before every purchase.

Do right by your skin.

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