FACE Stockholm

FACE Stockholm

If such a thing exists, FACE Stockholm are a reluctant global giant in the cosmetics industry. The founder, Gun Nowak, wasn’t particularly enthused by cosmetics, instead she was a fashionista with three trendy boutique stores in Sweden’s capital. Her journey into cosmetics began after constant frustration at being unable to find the right make-up to match the clothes she sold; she decided to give up searching and make it herself.

30 years later and it seems Nowak made a wise choice. She hasn’t let her apparent apathy towards cosmetics deter her mission to make FACE Stockholm a success, the company now has over 100 stores worldwide. Not bad for a casual entry into the industry.

Gun Nowak’s daughter, Martina Arfwidson is now the main face of the brand, which now has a loyal customer base due to their myriad of alluring make-up sets. They allow women to experiment with their tones and allow make-up as a platform of expression – a unique disposition which has led to remarkable results.

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