Founded in New York by two fashion and beauty gurus, Doucce is the brand that gives women and artists across the globe the chance to unleash their individuality. With Doucce deriving from the French word ‘douce’ – which means soft and elegant, it’s a cosmetics line that combines the Parisian elegance with New York attitude.

Dedicated to providing for all fronts, you’ll find endless options that are enriched with maximum colour and housed in prestige packaging. Alongside the choice, Doucce brings total quality that is suitable for day-to-day makeup, the red-carpet, behind the cameras and before the aisle.

With beauty influenced by cultures from all corners of the world, Doucce is a company that strives to be the international brand for the international beauty.

Contemporary, colourful, innovative and professional, they are a phenomenon that is vibrant and attainable by all. Join them on their journey, whether you are a European jetsetter, bubble Australian or exotic Brazilian, you can join them on their luxurious journey and reveal your natural beauty.

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