Calling all curly haired peeps who want luscious, defined and healthy curls that stay flawless throughout the day; Curlsmith have designed a natural haircare line full of premium products that cater to all curls.

This first-ever gourmet haircare brand is inspired by homemade hair remedies and uses the combined knowledge of professional trichologists, beauty experts, bloggers and consumers to create the perfect hair range that will give lacklustre curls some vim.

Fresh curl-loving foods and rare organic ingredients sourced from some of the most remote parts of the world go into Curlsmith’s premium products.

Plus, only clean ingredients are used like coconut, organic avocado, flax seeds, aloe vera and essential oils because to have incredible hair you must use incredible and healthy products. Hence why, this brand does not include any problematic ingredients like sulphates, parabens, silicones, mineral oils and phthalates.

Let The Vegan Society and PETA-certified Curlsmith help you unlock all your wavy, curly and kinky hair potential.

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