The name Ceyx originates in the grand stories of Greek mythology, in which man and monster alike lived at the mercy of nature and the gods who controlled it. It’s therefore no accident that the same name applies to this range of grooming products – one in which the potency of natural remedies is championed each and every time you reach for a Ceyx formula.

Two ingredients are key to the range’s unique character: petitgrain and patchouli oil. Together, the duo enriches the brand’s creations with precisely the balancing benefits that you might expect from two of aromatherapy’s best-loved scents.

Not that the natural approach is limited to solely deciding what goes intothe formulas. It also dictates what to leave out. And here that means no parabens or sulphates. On top of all this, every one of Ceyx’s formulas is also vegetarian-friendly and cruelty-free.

It’s only by looking into myth, history and nature that the modern man can reveal his true character.

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