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Blind Barber

There are several Blind Barbers located across the States, but it all began in one New York neighbourhood. Co-founder Jeff Laub was originally set on a career in law, before opting to pursue his passion. What Jeff really loved, however, wasn't the actual act of cutting hair, but rather the cultivation of a community, where regulars could greet each other and settle into an hour of relaxing grooming and small talk. That's why all his barbershops do more than simply cut hair, doubling as cafes, restaurants and cocktail bars.

This sense of community, and of going above and beyond, saw the brand attract massive acclaim. And those same qualities are present in Blind Barber's unique collection of male grooming products. From the Watermint Shave Cream to the Tompkins Candle and 101 Classic Pomade, the creative minds behind these innovations bring men from all corners into a sphere of grooming excellence.

Where can you get Blind Barber products in the UK?

Products by Blind Barber are sold in the UK at leading, well-known online retailers, such as Feel Unique, Amazon and Mankind.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blind Barber

These days, many brands avoid using Parabens in their formulas. Do Blind Barber?

For those concerned about parabens, Blind Barber have a number of products that are paraben-free.

Blind Barber

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