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Badger Balm

This brand is all about family. Small, family-owned, family-run and family-friendly, you can find Badger Balm tucked away in the woods of Gilsum, New Hampshire.

It all began in 1995 when carpenter Bill Whyte created a balm to help his cracked hands survive the cold New Hampshire winters. Having originally been named Bear Paw (Bill believed that this balm could smooth the roughest of bear paws) the brand was eventually transformed: Badger Balm.

Badger Balm aims to make the safest, most effective products that will soothe, heal, protect and treat your body. They vow to only use ingredients that fit their rigorous natural standards for healthy agriculture, minimal processing, sustainable supply chain and health-giving properties. Combining blends of the finest organic plant extracts with years of tradition, research, artwork and lots of love, Badger Balm now has over 100 products that are infused with rich and powerful antioxidants for healthier people and a healthier planet.

Where can you get Badger Balm products in the UK?

Badger Balm can be bought from a number of leading retailers in the UK, such as Fragrance Direct and Feel Unique.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Badger Balm

I don’t want to buy products containing phthalates. Can I shop from Badger Balm?

They are a completely phthalates-free brand.

I like to avoid so called 'nasties' like sulphates. Are Badger Balm formulations sulphate free?

Badger Balm are a sulphate-free brand.

Lots of negativity surrounding parabens lately, do they feature in these product?

Parabens are compounds that have become more controversial in recent teams in cosmetics. Badger Balm have excluded them from their products.

Is Badger Balm cruelty-free?

None of their raw materials or finished products are tested on animals so their status is cruelty-free!

Are they supportive of fair trade standards or a certified fair trade organisation?

Where possible, Badger Balm products are produced according to certified Fair Trade standards.

Are all of their products free from artificial/synthetic fragrances?

For those who wish to shop fragrance-free, select this option from the Badger Balm filter on this page.

My skin is quite sensitive, are Badger Balm hypoallergenic?

Not all of their products featured on this site are claimed to have been allergy tested (aka hypoallergenic), however you can view the applicable Badger Balm range by using our sorting options.

  • SLS Free
  • SLES Free
  • Organic
  • Phthalates Free

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Badger Balm

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