Baby Foot

Baby Foot

Baby Foot know just how much your feet go through on a daily basis, which is why the company gathered together industry experts to formulate a range of products that help uncomfortable, chapped feet.

Working to remove dead skin cells on the feet, Baby Foot products prevent unsightly build-up and excess dry skin that can accumulate from pressurised dead skin cells. The company understands that when dead skin cells are left untreated, the likes of cracking and hardening can occur and cause extreme discomfort. Baby Foot products harness the latest research to provide visible, healthy results.

Their scientifically formulated products contain up to 16 types of natural extracts which work in synergy to exfoliate and moisturise all skin types. You can also expect to find the likes of salicylic, isopropyl and lactic acid within the solutions to stimulate a flaking effect, ridding your feet of unwanted dead skin.

Better still, Baby Foot does not test on animals or contain any animal-related ingredients.

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