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Skill. Method. Technique. Conduct. Character. Artis is the Latin meaning for them all.

This makeup brush brand is here to make your life a whole lot easier and your makeup a whole lot better.

The brushes are the brainchild of Matthew Waitesmith, an accomplished artist, photographer and innovator. After recognising that beauty tools are essentially an ‘artist-applies-to-the-canvas’ concept, he wanted to launch a better beauty experience that would allow the artist to be the canvas.

Having successfully shaken up the beauty game, he introduced a disruptive take on makeup application that took the world by storm. Now, you can shop a line of makeup brushes that are totally unconventional yet absolutely genius. Not only are they beautiful to handle, but they also supply superior results and blend makeup to a flawless finish.

Whether you choose to add a touch of luxury to your own makeup bag or loved one's, there’s no doubt that your getting-ready routine will become all the more exciting.


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