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Agua de Colonia

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Agua de Colonia

From Spain to your bathroom cabinet, Agua de Colonia is Madrid's most celebrated and favoured fragrance house and it's soon to be yours. If you love uplifting scents of lemon extract and lavender combined with warming bergamot and eucalyptus, then you're going to fall head over heels for this family brand.

And it's not just fragrances Agua de Colonia specialise in. This beauty brand offers a range of colognes, soaps, shower gels and even decadent candles, which all help to cleanse, refresh and energise your body and mind. Their bath salts, in particular, have been created to gently soften and soothe your skin while the delicate aroma fills the bathroom and awakens your senses – it's a real treat for the whole body.

When you step into a bathroom filled with Agua de Colonia, you'll instantly feel energised and refreshed as you would after a relaxing trip to sunny Spain.

Where can you buy Agua de Colonia products in the UK?

Products by Agua de Colonia are sold in the UK at leading, well-known online retailers, such as Amazon and Fragrance Direct.

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Agua de Colonia

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