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Despite its international reputation, O'Keeffe's began life as something of a family affair. Bill O'Keeffe was a rancher on the Klamath Basin, and although he loved the physical, outdoorsy nature of his work, it combined with his diabetes to leave lasting marks on his hands and feet.

Seeing her father suffering from dry skin, his daughter Tara utilized her knowledge as a pharmacist to create a product that could bring relief and comfort. Together, father and daughter teamed up, trying and testing a number of different blends in her kitchen until, finally, they came across one that had it all.

This original formula, released in 1990, became the foundation for all of the brand's initial creations. Fast-forward to the present day and O'Keeffe's continue to develop skin care solutions, employing all the know-how at their disposal to create products that make a genuine difference. Discover the ultimate skin care remedies today and relish and healthier, more vibrant skin.

Where is the best place to buy O'Keeffe's products online?

Products by O'Keeffe's are sold in the US at leading, well-known online stores, such as Walgreens.

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Frequently Asked Questions about O'Keeffe's

Do O'Keeffe's have allergy-tested ranges?

O'Keeffe's products are Hypoallergenic which is a term used to refer to a product that is unlikely to cause a reaction.

What is the O'Keeffe's policy on animal testing and their cruelty-free status?

O'Keeffe's do not test on animals, nor do they have any third parties (such as suppliers) conduct animal testing on their behalf, making them 100% cruelty-free.

I don't buy brands that aren't fragrance-free as i find they irritate. Am I ok to buy O'Keeffe's?

None of their products contain synthetic fragrances.

  • Unscented
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty Free

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