The long-established practice of Ayurveda is believed to be the world’s oldest surviving complete medical system. As it enjoyed a modern surge in popularity that took it far beyond the borders of its South Asian homeland, the creative minds behind Ayumi saw space for a line that married these ancient holistic benefits with both assurances of safety and the highest verifiable quality.

After five years of concentrated research and development, the brand emerged as a unique take on traditional treatment. Extensive studies on various ingredients ensured that every component has been specially selected for its potency and strength, from soothing sandalwood to healing turmeric.

Quite aside from its remedial power, every formula also reveals a distinctive bouquet of quite gorgeous aromas. As such, each application is more than simply healing, becoming instead a pleasant and sensuous self-care ritual. Discover how your own body can benefit from Ayumi’s fusion of the traditional and the contemporary.

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