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The Best Teeth Whitening Strips

By Carly Cochrane - 7 months ago | Updated
Lady using a teeth whitening strip

When it comes to our teeth, the majority of us are suckers for anything that claims to be whitening. From 3D White to Max White and Advanced White, we've definitely tried all the variations with hopes that we'll soon be able to reveal a Simon Cowell-like grin.

However, when it comes to actually achieving that infamous megawatt Hollywood smile, toothpaste alone doesn’t quite cut it; alternative whitening treatments are a little out of budget and trips to the dentist can be inconvenient (and lowkey terrifying).

It's difficult, but not impossible - this is the world of beauty after all and where there is a will, there’s a way.

Enter: teeth whitening strips. They might not look like much, but these transparent treatments sure do freshen up a smile in record time (and without breaking the bank, too).

Whether you desperately want to rid your teeth of pesky stains or need celeb-like pearly whites for a special occasion, we’ve got a handful of the best teeth whitening strips that you’ll want to get your gnashers on.

Spotlight Teeth White Strips

Spotlight Teeth White Strips

The dentist’s favourite and your fast track to a sparkling smile, these whitening strips are an easy DIY treatment that will leave your teeth glistening.

Designed by the experts themselves, the strips utilise hydrogen peroxide to efficiently break down the stains leftover from coffee, red wine and other lifestyle factors.

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Mr Blanc Express Teeth Whitening Strips 30 Strips

Mr Blanc Express Teeth Whitening Strips 30 Strips

Get your mouth around these natural, peroxide-free teeth whitening strips. Sitting comfortably on your teeth, the flexible strips are formulated with enamel-friendly ingredients that remove tough stains without compromising sensitivity.

After 15 minutes the strips dissolve, leaving you with a pure white smile and zero mess. Great for when you’re on the go, teeth appear visibly cleaner after just 14 days.

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Mr. Bright Whitening Strips

Doing exactly what it says on the box, Mr Bright can whiten teeth by up to eight shades in just two weeks, if used correctly.

Taking only 10 minutes to work, the clinically approved, peroxide-free treatment uses a cocktail of glycerine, sodium bicarbonate and cranberry to work deep into the enamel and dissolve plaque.

An added infusion of organic peppermint oil and aloe vera leaves your breath fresh, making these strips perfect for the days you’re rushed for time.

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Janina Maxiwhite Intensive Whitening Strips (14 Strips)

Convenient, easy to use and free of hydrogen peroxide, this set will have your teeth visibly white in just seven days.

Providing both upper and lower strips for you to sink your teeth into, Janina use an innovative formula that diminishes stains and brightens natural teeth in 30 minutes.

Strips are laced with a minty flavour so you can reveal your freshest breath and cleanest smile yet.

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So there we have it – a collection of the best teeth whitening strips that are bound to have you flaunting a million-dollar smile. Sink your teeth in and reveal gnashers that shine as bright as diamonds.

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