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Lavender Oil for Skin & Hair

Whether you've spritzed it onto your pillow or put a few drops into a hot bath, you've probably enjoyed the aromatic properties of lavender oil at some point before.

Lavender oil is most commonly used as a sleeping aid or a calming aroma to soothe feelings of anxiety, but it can also be used to aid with pain and migraine relief. You'll even find this essential oil in shampoos, conditioners and skin care products as it adds a recognizable fragrance.

See our lavender oil guide to answer your questions like what other ingredients/products go well with lavender oil and who should use lavender oil beauty products.

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Lavender Oil

Frequently Asked Questions about Lavender Oil products

What is lavender oil?

Belonging to the mint family, lavender oil is produced from the evergreen shrub lavandula angustifolia, or more commonly known as lavender. The oil itself is extracted by the distillation of the purple flower spikes from particular lavender strains, usually English lavender. This essential oil is perfect for calming feelings of tension.

What are the skin care benefits of using lavender oil?

As lavender oil is jam-packed with antioxidants, it makes the perfect ingredient to be utilized in any skin care formula. Often, you'll find lavender oil utilized within body lotions, bath oils and even hair care products. Its anti-inflammatory nature means that it not only scents your skin, but also helps to soothe minor irritations like insect bites and itchy skin. Pair this with its sleep-inducing, stress-relieving fragrance and you're onto a real winner of a skin care product!

Who should use lavender oil beauty products?

Anyone! If you're struggling to relax around bedtime, lavender oil is the ideal tool to use in order to soothe the mind and body. If you're using it directly on skin, be sure to know what strain of lavender you're using and how pure it is. People with severe skin conditions should try out a test patch before applying the oil all over the body.

What other ingredients/products go well with lavender oil?

Certain types of lavender oil can be added to unscented skin care products to provide that recognizably comforting aroma. Coconut oil also works well when combined with lavender oil, as they target and relieve mild burns, cuts and scrapes.

How often should I be using lavender oil beauty products?

There isn't really a limit to how often you should be using lavender oil. If you're using it as a pillow spray or for its aromatic properties, daily use is fine. When applied with skin care products, it is worth listening to your skin and seeing how it reacts to regular use. Every skin type is different, so always test out products first.

Are there any negative side effects of lavender oil?

On the whole, lavender oil is generally considered safe to use for everyone, but extra consideration is advised when using on young children or pregnant women. Unfortunately, there hasn't been an extensive amount of research conducted on lavender oil and its interactions with other medications, meaning it can be a little vague.

How long has lavender oil been around for?

It is thought that the Egyptians used lavender for both mummification and as a perfume, meaning this potent little oil has been around for a considerable amount of time!

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Written by Ellie Child, Content Editor

Lavender Oil

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