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Built around Ayurvedic tradition, UMA is the luxury beauty and wellness brand that delivers pure and therapeutic remedies for all.

Homegrown on an estate in India, UMA is renowned for farming rare and precious botanicals and crafting the world's finest organic oils. Their unparalleled treatments are grown, distilled, formulated and bottled in small batches to ensure an exquisite aromatherapeutic elixir that lifts spirits, strengthens skin and, most importantly, spreads love.

Each and every ingredient in UMA's products are cultivated with the utmost care and assessed for efficacy and holistic healing benefits. It is this careful process that has allowed UMA to become one of the skincare industry's most recognized brands and a trusted supplier for prestigious names, such as Tom Ford and Estée Lauder.

Discover their collection of Face and Wellness oils and elevate your routine as they bring balance and vitality to your skin, mind, body and soul.

Why We Like Uma

"UMA is our go-to whenever we’re looking to give our mind, body and soul a slice of serenity. The botanical-powered formulas help you heal on both the inside and outside, so that you can look and feel like your best self, even on the down days!"

Carly Cochrane

Written by Carly Cochrane, Beauty Editor

Where can you get Uma products in the US?

You can buy Uma products from a variety of stores in the US, including Revolve.

Frequently Asked Questions about Uma

What is the Uma policy on animal testing and their cruelty-free status?

None of their raw materials or finished products are tested on animals so their status is cruelty-free!

Where do they produce these products?

Uma products are manufactured in Raipur, India.

  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Cruelty Free

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