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It's no secret that South Korea are leaders of the beauty industry, and once again they're back with a brand that brings you all the new and cutting-edge products. CosRx is a favorite amongst the self-proclaimed Asian beauty addicts and has built a cult following over the years – and we totally understand why.

Focusing on well-formulated products, which follow a philosophy that is all about the ingredients, this brand is undoubtedly quality over quantity – hence the basic clean-cut packaging.

Dedicated to creating products that use high concentrations of actives, you can treat your skin to a dose of efficient goodness. The Blackhead Silk Finger Balls, silk 'thimbles' that gently clean pores of impurities, are just one of their most sought-after treatments, alongside the Pimple Master Patches – stickers that make all of your pimple problems disappear.

Providing you with seriously noticeable results, it's safe to say that CosRX is one of the best when it comes to innovation.

Why We Like CosRx

"Sensitive skin sufferers rejoice because CosRx have a wide range of products that help soothe problem-prone skin. From rich creamy moisturizers to blemish-busting toners, there’s something to suit every skin care routine. We also like how their clean formulations match their clean, chic packaging. No matter your style, this is certainly one brand add to your next shopping list!"

Rebecca Jenkinson

Where can you buy CosRx products in the US?

A range of CosRx products are available to buy online from US stores, such as Beauty Bay, Allbeauty, HQHair and more.

Here at Cosmetify, we do the hard work and help you save money on all your favorite products. We compare prices from a range of stores across the web, meaning you can easily find the cheapest place to buy day creams, face oils & serums, facial toners plus lots more by CosRx.

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Frequently Asked Questions about CosRx

CosRx claim to have Hypoallergenic products. Does this mean they won’t affect my allergies?

Most CosRx products are hypoallergenic which implies they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction versus non-hypoallergenic products.

These days, many brands avoid using Parabens in their formulas. Do CosRx?

Not the entire line, but most CosRx products are free from parabens.

I’m vegan and only use vegan-friendly products. Is CosRx suitable for me?

While the majority of CosRx products are free from animal by-products, the brand’s product line is not entirely vegan-friendly. This is because a handful of their formulations may contain ingredients of animal origin. Their vegan-friendly products listed on our platform are clearly marked as so.

Are these products alcohol-free?

Some of their products do contain alcohol. Avoid these by using our filters and checking product ingredients.

I don’t want to buy products containing phthalates. Can I shop from CosRx?

CosRx formulas that do not contain phthalates can be seen when you apply the appropriate filter.


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