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Enjoy the Makeup Obsession collection of eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, primers and more today. Make sure you sign up to our alerts so that you don't miss out on their promos and sales.

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Makeup Obsession

British beauty brand Makeup Obsession is here to mix things up. Emphasizing fun, speed and affordability, they place utterly unique items at the fingertips of those in the know, changing the world of cosmetics one striking look at a time.

In a range that takes in everything from high-shine lip glosses to expertly-pieced-together eyeshadow palettes, the brand showcase precisely why they've accumulated a whole new generation of beauty lovers as fans and devotees. And that includes Belle Jorden, an influencer as famous for her firmly anti-cruelty views as she is a succession of inventive and vibrant makeup looks.

Against this backdrop of success, Makeup Obsession have continued to innovate and take things to the next level, base and brow being but two areas in which the brand's beauty gurus have seen the opportunity for improvement. Bold new textures are paired with the high performing formulas everyone's come to expect from a brand that's fast becoming the industry's not-so-secret obsession.

Why We Like Makeup Obsession

"Neon, glitter, chrome, metallic or shimmer; you name it, Makeup Obsession has it. Makeup Obsession's collection is nothing but a party lover’s dream. From their epic eyeshadow palettes to their shimmer-saturated highlighters, they are the beauty brand that we can count on to provide ultimate glam. Not to mention, their stuff is super affordable, which we love as it means more for less."

Carly Cochrane

Where can Makeup Obsession products be bought in the US?

Makeup Obsession products can be bought online in the US from Revolution.

Whether you’re looking for eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, primers or other products, Cosmetify is here to help you find where they are being sold for the lowest price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Makeup Obsession

Is Makeup Obsession cruelty-free?

Makeup Obsession is a cruelty-free brand. To our knowledge it does not test on animals, nor does it ask others to do so on its behalf.

Is this a fragrance free brand?

Many are not fragrance-free, view suitable products by using our sorting options above.

I only buy brands that don’t use animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products. Is Makeup Obsession suitable for me?

Most of the Makeup Obsession products featured on our site are not vegan-friendly, but you can view those that are by simply looking for the vegan icon on the relevant product page.

  • Cruelty Free

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Makeup Obsession

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