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Following last year’s 2021 ‘Beauty Influencer Rich List’, we’ve carried out our study once again to reveal the highest earning beauty influencers of 2022. Looking at each influencer’s Instagram, YouTube and TikTok accounts, we can reveal how much these influencers could potentially be earning from their social media channels.

The online beauty and fashion industry is as lucrative as ever, with influencers reaching millions of people with each post they make. Social media is still an incredibly important part of many beauty brands marketing strategies with each platform being suitable for a different form of content, whether in-depth make-up tutorials on YouTube or bitesize content on TikTok.

Beauty influencers offer brands a great way of reaching highly engaged and enthusiastic audiences and are ideal for promoting beauty discount codes , new product ranges, and comparing beauty products against one another. So, which of these social stars is earning the most from sponsored posts?

Safiya Nygaard has surged to the top of our list with the highest combined earnings across all three social media platforms that were looked at, pushing Bretman Rock down into third place. With a single post on YouTube estimated to be worth up to $196,877, Safiya Nygaard is by far the highest earner on the platform. However, she is not quite as successful on other social media, placing 22nd for TikTok and 48th on Instagram.

Second place is now held by last year’s winner, Huda Kattan, who is also the most successful beauty influencer on Instagram with each post being worth up to $168,113. Meanwhile, James Charles takes third place overall whilst also being the highest earning influencer on TikTok, making up to $35,200 per post.

Other beauty influencers that performed particularly well include Nikita Dragun, Chiara Ferragni and 2020’s highest earning entrant Jeffree Star , whose combined potential earnings per post stand at $90,368 in 2022.

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard

Combined Social Earning: $196,877

Safiya Nygaard is one of the biggest influencers on YouTube with as many as 9.49 million subscribers on the platform. Safiya’s content covers all things beauty, as well as many other topics from lifestyle videos to fashion and shopping tips.

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan

Combined Social Earning: $177,216

Huda Kattan has grown her beauty brand from a simple online blog to an immensely successful business worth over a billion dollars. Her range of beauty products, Huda Beauty, has been a major success attracting loyal customers from all over the world.

James Charles

James Charles

Combined Social Earning: $145,271

James Charles posts a wide range of content, with a large focus on beauty, make-up routines and style, though a large portion is purely to entertain and have fun. Take a little scroll through his TikTok videos and you’ll be in for a good time.

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Potential Instagram earnings were taken calculated using Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Money Calculator , while potential earnings from TikTok posts were taken from FeedPixel’s TikTok Money Calculator. Data for YouTube earnings was taken from NoxInfluencer’s YouTube Channel Calculator

All figures were converted from US dollars to British pounds and Euros on 12/08/2022 using, with all follower and subscriber counts also being correct as of this date.