You & Oil

You & Oil

Being the first in Lithuania to receive an International Ecocert Certification, You & Oil is a brand you can rely on for quality, holistic beauty products.

Focusing on skin, health, hair and the home, You & Oil uses only ecological oils, essential oils, plant extracts and bioactive essential oil blends to create gentle yet effective formulas.

From eye makeup remover to anxiety oils, there’s no stone unturned in You & Oil’s collection when it comes to caring for your health, both inside and out. They’re dedicated to ensuring their customers receive nothing but natural beauty products, free from synthetic and chemical particles but packed full of antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients.

Their carefully crafted blends are designed to awaken the body and support its ability to restore its health. Whether you’re suffering from acne or a cold, or you’re looking for something to balance out combination skin, search no further than this innovative and growing brand.

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