Guide to Anti-Pollution Skin Care

With our anti-pollution guide, you can find out everything you need to know before buying or using the product including do I need anti pollution face products and how does anti-pollution skin care work. If you're ready to buy or want to see our selection, visit our anti-pollution skin care page.

Anti-Pollution Skin Care FAQs

Do I need anti pollution face products?

Applying anti-pollution face products benefits your skin no matter where you live, however, they're much more necessary for those of you who live in a buzzing urban city. If you live in a remote village and rarely venture into your nearest metropolis then your skin rarely comes into contact with pollutants and toxins, which lessens any need for anti pollution products. They can still brighten your complexion and form a protective layer, but they're not absolutely necessary.

If you live in a vibrant city, a large town or you're often dashing around the country for work, your skin could definitely benefit from anti pollution products. Environmental stressors, adverse weather conditions and harmful pollutants cause long-term damage to the health and appearance of your skin, which often greatly increases the aging process.

Filling your skin care routine with anti pollution products keeps your skin protected from toxins, severe UV rays and air pollution, maintaining a healthy complexion.

How does anti-pollution skin care work?

Anti pollution skin care is testament to the phrase 'prevention is easier than the cure'. Whereas other categories of skin care remove dirt and debris from your skin, anti pollution products form a protective layer and fights off free radicals from penetrating your skin. They work similarly to sun cream, creating a preventive barrier which shields the skin from dust particles.

The fine particles in the air are much, much smaller than your pores, so they can penetrate and clog them which causes blemishes, irritation and speeds up the aging process. Anti pollution products prevent the particles form entering the skin, as well as providing the skin with healthy bursts of vitamins and antioxidants which nourish and hydrate.

Anti pollution skin care first came into prominence in Asia, combating extremely polluted cities like Shanghai and Beijing. The idea apread across the globe when everyone realized the positive effect they had on the skin.

What is an anti pollution face mask?

Anti pollution face masks are similar to regular face masks in their application, form and purpose, the main difference is they're packed with dynamic ingredients, nurturing actives and enriching botanicals that protect and replenish your skin. Rich in natural and organic ingredients, anti pollution face masks target your pores and dead skin cells, cleansing and restoring your skin's long-term health. Incredibly effective and easy to apply, you can relax with one in the evening and have a fresh complexion the following morning.

Each face mask is drenched in key infusions of Vitamin C provide a hearty boost to your skin and help protect against free radical damage. Adding a face mask to your daily or weekly routine enhances the efficiency of your skin care routine, complementing your moisturizers, cleansers and exfoliators. Many brands product face masks alongside other skin care products, so explore all options for a finely packed skin care selection.

How can we protect our skin from pollution?

There's a few simple tricks to aide the protection of your skin against pollution, though the most worthwhile and effective way is to invest in effective and reliable anti pollution products. Add a potent anti pollution product to your skin care routine and your skin is protected throughout the day, staying fresh and clean. If it's a sunny day, it can be worthwhile applying some face sun cream too to help the protective process and add another preventive layer.

Anti pollution products are carefully formulated to penetrate the skin, unclog your pores and removes and dirt or debris that has accumulated on your skin. Many formulas are laced with antioxidants and vitamins that replenish your skin and forming a protective layer. An efficient anti pollution product is the difference between dull, tired skin and a brightened, hydrated complexion.

Of course, another effective way to protect your skin from pollution is to escape the hectic city life for a while. Your skin needs a breather, so treat yourself to some fresh air every so often.