No Makeup Celebs

‘Perfection’ is far from reality, but when it comes to our favorite celebs, we think nothing less. With faultless eyeliner wings, plumped, glossed lips and not a single blemish on their skin, to us, our idols are flawless.

However, just like you and me, they are human and have a more natural side, and with the rise of #NoMakeup and #WokeUpLikeThis selfies, we are seeing it more and more often on social media. It’s super refreshing to see the natural beauty of celebs shine through and to see their movements empowering youngsters and makeup-lovers all over the world.

We’ve taken to Google search data to find out which stars we want to see share their bare features the most. Ready for some surprises?

The iconic high pony, the perfect lip liner and on-point eyeliner; we can only be talking about one baby-faced pop star - Ariana Grande. According to the data, the ‘thank u, next’ singer is who we most want to see with a fresh, makeup-free face, so much so that the term ‘Ariana Grande No Makeup’ gets a huge 252,000 global searches. While she’s no stranger to a #NoMakeupSelfie, it's clear that we simply aren't getting enough. C’mon Ari!

Lady Gaga has sported many unique looks and makeup styles over the years but has recently been seen makeup-free for the movie A Star is Born. Her Insta is full of vibrant looks but is also home to many gorgeous, fresh-faced snaps. She is the second most-searched on the list with 168,000 searches, showing how in-demand her natural look is. Stefani, you were born this way!

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All search data refers to average monthly searches for each celebrity’s name followed by ‘no makeup’ and was taken from Ahrefs Keyword Explorer as of 29/1/2020. These were then multiplied by twelve to give an annual estimate.