Complete Guide to Razors

With our razors guide, you can find out everything you need to know before buying or using the product including can I take a razor on a plane and what are the benefits of a manual razor against an electrical item. If you're ready to buy or want to see our selection, visit our razors page.

Razors FAQs

Can I take a razor on a plane?

You can, though only in your suitcase. If you're heading away on a short weekend away and you're only planning on taking your carry-on, you may have to think of an alternative. A premium razor provides a sharp, crisp shave and leaves you looking fresh for a few days, so you may not require bringing one as long as you shave the night before you set off.

If you really feel like you need your best razor to staying looking slick and sharp, it could be worth paying the little extra for an extra bag - you get to pack more clothes this way anyway. Failing that, you could always buy a cheap razor when you land.

What are the benefits of a manual razor against an electrical item?

The rise of electrical grooming products like electric shavers and beard trimmers has made them the focal point of male personal care, however, there are still numerous benefits of a traditional razor.

Firstly, razors are much more affordable. The highest value razor on the market costs half the price of a premium beard trimmer, ideal if you're hoping to save a little bit of money on your grooming products. They're also much sleeker and more compact, which makes them the perfect addition to your grooming kit or gym bag.

If you sport a beard or thick facial hair then there's no real need for a razor, however, if you enjoy a fresh, smooth look, there's few more satisfying feelings than gliding the razor across your stubble.

How do I use a straight razor?

A good, clean shave is all about preparation. You can get away with poor preparations once or twice, however, if you make it a regular practice then you'll cause long-term damage to your skin and your razor. Suffering from redness, razor burn, bumps and irritation isn't worth skipping the first vital steps.

Firstly, massage a pre-shave oil onto your skin and then lather your skin with warm water. Now, time to wield the razor. Open the razor up into an L-shape, and then hold it against your face at a 30 degree angle. Glide the razor with the grain, moving it in fluid, short and gentle motions without pressing too hard against your skin.

Once you're satisfied with your shave, rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water. Finish off with applying 2-3 drops of after shave balm to soothe and calm your skin.

How to clean a razor?

How to clean a razor?

If you're someone who shaves their facial hair a few times a week, your razor is your grooming kit's greatest weapon. It's imperative to make sure your razor is in pristine condition for you to perform a clean, smooth shave. We appreciate it can be an unwanted hassle to clean your razor after every use, however, a thorough cleanse saves your skin and razor in the long run.

Firstly, rinse your razor after every use to remove excess hair and dirt. If there are a few pesky hairs that you can't remove, a brush can be perfect to eradicate any debris. Rinse the razor one last time to completely remove any hair and leave it to dry in a clean space.

For the truly clean conscious, you can sterilize your razor after every use, though that's not entirely necessary.