Guide to Eyebrow Palettes

With our brow palettes guide, you can find out everything you need to know before buying or using the product including what are brow palettes and how to use an eyebrow palette. If you're ready to buy or want to see our selection, visit our eyebrow palettes page.

Eyebrow Palettes FAQs

What are brow palettes?

Brow palettes are your fast track to perfected eyebrows. Arriving in all shapes and sizes, eyebrow palettes consist of a variety of powder, gel, cream and wax formulas that can be mixed and matched to create shape, definition and volume.

Each palette offers a selection of shades, often ranging from light to dark so that every hair color and skin tone is catered for. Many include a highlighting shade too, which can be used as the perfect finishing touch as it accentuates your brow bone. Some brow palettes are equipped with angled brow brushes or spoolies, so applying formulas and brushing through color is made all the easier.

Ticking all the boxes, eyebrow palettes are nothing but a staple for your makeup collection. They even make a great travel essential, as all your tools are housed in one easy, accessible place.

How to use an eyebrow palette?

Using an eyebrow palette is super simple as all the steps are laid out for you.

Wax, gel and cream-like formulas can be applied to brows with an angled brush to create definition, shape arches and tame unruly hairs.

Powders can then be used to add color to brows and fill in sparse areas. Simply apply with an angled brush and use a spoolie to achieve a more natural effect. Using lighter shades at the front of your brow and darker shades towards the tail can create the illusion of a gradient, which is perfect if you're striving for a natural look.

Finish off your brow routine by sweeping a highlight shade underneath the brow bone with your fingertip.

What are the best eyebrow palettes?

We love an eyebrow palette here at Cosmetify, so are always open to trying and testing the latest products that land on our desk. If you're new to this area then brow palettes from the likes of Benefit, HD Brows and Anastasia Beverly Hills are always a good place to start.

What alternatives are there to eyebrow palettes?

If you're looking to expand your brow collection, then there are plenty of alternatives to eyebrow palettes.

Take your pick from the likes of brow pencils (an essential when it comes to creating hair-like strokes), brow pomades (a must-have for bold brows) and brow treatments, for arches that stick around for longer.

Eyebrow gels and mascara are also a popular choice when it comes to adding volume, color and definition to brows. Check out our guide on how to use clear brow gels to enhance your natural look for more info.