Ultimate Guide to Root Touch Up

With our root touch up guide, you can find out everything you need to know before buying or using the product including how long does it take to touch up hair roots and how do I touch up my own hair roots. If you're ready to buy or want to see our selection, visit our root touch up page.

Root Touch Up FAQs

How long does it take to touch up hair roots?

When you head to the salon for a root touch up, it typically takes around 30-45 minutes. If you're a veteran of touching up your hair, it takes a similar amount of time when doing it at home. If you're a beginner to hair dye, it might take a little bit longer, but not much more than an hour.

The processing part of touching up your hair takes around 20 minutes, a time which you should spend checking it's going smoothly and keeping an eye on the rest of your locks. The drying process takes another 25 minutes, and requires your full attention to make sure your hair is feeling strong and healthy.

If you want to add another color, this will take another half an hour. Again, it's important to pay attention to the parts of your hair which need color and protecting the hairs whose color you want to maintain.

How do I touch up my own hair roots?

Touching up your hair roots is a job we typically leave to the professionals at the salon, but doing it at home saves you huge amounts of time, money and stress. Instead of planning a hair appointment in your lunch break and spending close to £100, you can get a gorgeous color throughout your hair from the comfort of your home.

What product you should use depends on how subtle your roots are and what color you've dyed your hair. If you've gone from brunette to a different shade of brown or you're trying to hide the appearance of gray hairs, then you can use a spray or powder to touch up your hairs.

If you've gone from a blonde to brunette, vice versa or any striking color, root touch up sprays and powders won't cut it. We suggest using a color from a respected brand like Redken, Revolution or Josh Wood Color for reliable and trusted results. To avoid the dye penetrating the rest of your hair, use a thick conditioner with coconut oil to protect your tresses.

What is the best root hair dye?

Dyeing your hair, even if it's only the roots, is a daunting prospect, especially if it's your first time trying it at home as opposed to the salon. There are some cheaper options on the market, however, hair root dye is a product which is worth spending a little extra money to make sure you get optimum results. You can get a premium root touch up color with distinguished brands like Clairol and Derma V10 for less than £20, which is significantly less than what you'd pay at any salon. Be sure to check out our list of the best hair root touch up products if you need some extra advice.

We have a plethora of high-calibre options for affordable prices, allowing you to become your own personal stylist from the comfort of your home. Each product comes with detailed instructions and guidelines on how to achieve the best results; once you realize how easy it is to do it at home, you won't ever feel the need to return to the salon.

How often should I touch up my roots?

How often you should touch up your roots depends on how fast your hair grows, but even those of you whose hair grows slowly shouldn't wait any longer than eight weeks. This isn't to do with how your hair looks, but regarding its long-term health: if you let your hair grow for longer than eight weeks, the keratin isn't as soft and you'll almost need to start from scratch. This results in spending much more time, money and effort, which is something you obviously want to avoid.

We suggest touching up your roots every 4-6 weeks to keep your hair healthy, happy and looking full of color. You can touch up your roots at home to save some money, and you can get multiple uses out of a product of hair coloring, spray or powder.

If you haven't managed to get your hands on some root touch up color and haven't had time to get to the salon, don't panic, your hair can still be salvaged. It involves restarting the application process and investing in deluxe hair care products to restore your hair's health, but your hair will look gorgeous again.