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Why We Like Gallinée

"Gallinée is the beauty brand that handles your skin with care. Every product within their line-up is expertly formulated to restore the skin's natural microbiome back to full health, no matter how tired, irritated or stressed out it may seem. With everything from scalp scrubs to face masks and hand cream up for grabs, it's a collection that offers a little bit of peace within a busy lifestyle. "

Carly Cochrane

Written by Carly Cochrane, Beauty Editor

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The story of Gallinée starts with the simple microbiome. That's the catch-all term for the different types of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms that exist both in and on your body.

These microbiomes assume a protective role as an integral part of our skin's natural barrier. Unfortunately, a combination of pollutants, busy lifestyles and overused antibacterial formulas result in these good bacteria becoming damaged. This leaves skin irritated, stressed and dried out.

Gallinée was conceived as a way of looking after the precious microbiome and leading skin on the pathway back to health. Utilizing all of their considerable scientific know-how, the brand's founders have formulated a proprietary complex of probiotics, prebiotics and lactic acid. Each and every one of these blends is absolutely packed full of highly concentrated active ingredients, which nourish and support the complexion while also respecting the skin's sensitivities.

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Where is the best place to buy Gallinée products online?

A range of Gallinée products are available to buy online from US stores, such as HQHair, Skinstore and Beauty Bay.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gallinée

Are their products silicone-free?

They do not use silicone in any of their products or formulas.

Are Gallinée products free from Parabens?

Some contain parabens, however they give consumers the option of purchasing paraben-free too which are clearly marked across our site.

Do their products contain mineral oil?

They avoid using mineral oil in their products whenever possible.

Are Gallinée vegan-friendly with no animal-derived ingredients in their products?

The majority of Gallinée products on our platform are not suitable for those following a vegan routine. However, Gallinée does have some products that are formulated without animal-derived ingredients or by-products, which you can see by selecting the appropriate filters.

  • SLS Free
  • Silicone Free

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