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These days, social media is one of the first places people turn to when it comes to beauty and fashion inspiration, with influencers such as James Charles and Jeffree Star becoming famous faces in their own right.

Not only are the most followed influencers building up huge followings, but they’re also raking in the cash too.

But which of the biggest beauty names on YouTube and Instagram

are earning the most?

While Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty was the most followed influencer across YouTube and Instagram, it was James Charles who came out with the highest estimated earnings: $73,840 per YouTube video and $33,150 per Instagram post, for a combined total of $117,807.

James Charles

Ranked #1

At just 20 years old, Charles is one of the biggest names in the industry, with over 16 million followers on both Instagram and YouTube.

Bretman Rock

Ranked #2

In second place was Bretman Rock, who rose to fame when he was just a teenager and now has estimated total earnings per post of £56,800 on YouTube and £25,500 on Instagram.

Huda Kattan

Ranked #3

Huda Kattan is literally living the dream, having quit a job in finance to start her beauty blog and is now head of an empire worth over a billion dollars, with estimated earnings per post of £74,600 on Instagram, as well as £2,900 on YouTube.

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Potential YouTube earnings were calculated using Influencer Marketing Hub’s YouTube Money Calculator.

Potential Instagram earnings were calculated by working out an average earning per post per follower for the ‘beauty’ celebrities on Hopper’s Instagram Rich List 2019. This came out as $0.002, which we multiplied by each influencer’s follower count to estimate potential earnings per post.

All figures were converted from US dollars to pounds as of 31/1/2020 and all follower/subscriber figures correct as of this date too.