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Swissdent Dental Cosmetics

Swissdent Dental Cosmetics showcases all the precision that the world has come to associate with Zurich, the site of its 2006 inception. And it's that very precision, together with the innovative, high-tech approaches it allows for, that makes the brand's take on toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouth sprays quite unlike any other.

Behind all this lies a special – not to mention secret – combination of both high-tech and natural enzymes. These include derivatives from pineapple and papaya that remove plaque, as well as CaO2, which is micronized (shrunk down, basically) using the latest technology, so as to ensure more specific targeting within the mouth.

Add gum rejuvenation, biomimetic remineralisation, bioremineralisation and a whole host of other science-heavy terms to the equation, and you're left with an oral care brand that's been honed, refined and developed with your own pearly whites very much in mind. Expect great things from your smile, safe in the knowledge that a group of dedicated Swiss experts have it all figured out.

Where are Swissdent Dental Cosmetics products sold in the UK?

Swissdent Dental Cosmetics products can be bought online in the UK from Escentual.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Swissdent Dental Cosmetics

Is Swissdent Dental Cosmetics suitable for vegans?

The information available tells us that the Swissdent Dental Cosmetics range is entirely vegan-friendly.

If I want alcohol-free products, should I buy from Swissdent Dental Cosmetics?

Swissdent Dental Cosmetics use alcohol-free ingredients where possible.

  • Vegan Friendly
Swissdent Dental Cosmetics

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