Sugar StripEase

Sugar StripEase

Created in 1989 by sugar hair removal experts, Rosie and Hafiz Khandwala, Sugar StripEase is a unique and innovative brand that specialises in 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan hair removal products.

Working on a solution that gives women what they want – ease of application, quick, ‘ouch-free’ removal and sensual results – the Khandwala’s got set on making their exclusive blend. Using nothing but sugar and water (meaning no lemon, wax or additives), they found the perfect balance of ingredients, making these formulas the gentlest kind of hair removal out there.

Used by women for thousands of years, this traditional method has been brought into the 21st century with kits that are easy to use, kind to the skin and can be applied anywhere on your body. Sugar StripEase is great for even the darkest of hairs and sensitive skin types and will leave your body feeling silky and smooth. Say goodbye to painful trips to the salon and say hello to your new best friend.

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