Original & Mineral

Original & Mineral

Australians are famous for many reasons; barbecues on the beach, dangerous animals and scorching sunshine. Original & Mineral are looking to add another aspect to that list – hair colour. The gorgeous weather and active lifestyle lead to a healthy complexion for most Aussies, complemented by beach blonde hair or silky brown locks. Well, now you can achieve the Aussie look without ever having to visit those Down Under.

Part of the appeal for Original & Mineral is their desire and passion for natural ingredients; they strive to search for alternative options to harsh chemicals and synthetic components, usually focussing on achieving an efficient product organically.

The entirety of the vast range is completely paraben, sulphate and triclosan free, making the brand one of the most natural on the market. The loyal customer base of Original & Mineral swear by the potency of the hair products, which keeps the brand at the top of the hair chain.

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