KC Professional

KC Professional

KC Professional is an independent Finnish hair company, established in 1997 that specialises in high-quality hair products that will transform drab, lacklustre locks. They not only manufacture products for professional use but for the retail market so that you can experience the many benefits at home of their products, especially the Colour Mask treatments.

This brilliant brand will enable you to repair and rejuvenate treated and damaged hair to transport your mane back to its glory days with a powerful blend of Pro-vitamin B5 and keratin derivatives. And with such great products, you can prolong the time between your salon appointments, as KC Professional gives you the tools to refresh and maintain your colour treated hair.

What’s more, this trendsetting hair brand contains Finland’s most popular toning product. So why not get a refreshed, brighter and more even toned hair? Maintaining vibrant and healthy hair can be difficult but it doesn’t have to with KC Professional.

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