Giorgio Armani Spot Concealer Brush

Giorgio Armani Spot Concealer Brush
Product Details

The Giorgio ARMANI Spot Concealer Brush is specially designed with high-quality bristles, to provide you with optimal precision and high-coverage, when applying concealer products to problematic areas.

This ‘Maestro’ brush is made with the finest-grade of synthetic hair to deliver an ultra-soft touch and effortless blend; with a small and tapered brush shape, this brilliant brush is a game changer for precise concealer application.

Ideal for liquid and cream concealers, this trusty tool will target concealer application to disguise minor flaws - helping you to achieve an even-looking skin tone, with ease.

Promising a buildable, full-coverage result, this sleek and superior tool is a must-have for banishing the look of blemishes and scarring – it’s the only complexion brush you need to fulfil a flawless skin look.

Expect a seamless skin finish and an airbrushed complexion, for this premium face brush will enable you to conceal like a pro.

how to use
  1. Using the Spot Concealer Brush and your chosen concealer, apply a dot of product to any problem areas – for optimal precision
  2. Then, gently blend the concealer into the skin using soft, dabbing brush motions – using the flat side of the brush, for the best results