Comme Des Garcons

Comme Des Garcons

The brainchild of fashion great Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garcons counterpoints luxury with playfulness to produce a singularly disruptive brand. Translating to ‘like the boys’, the title was inspired by the lyrics of French chanteuse Francoise Hardy, and proved itself an apt moniker for designs that exist outside the conventional feminine ideal.

Kawakubo’s unique concepts found new expression as the brand expanded from fashion to include fragrances. And it didn’t take long before her radical olfactory compositions became known and loved for their unorthodox character.

Each scent is orientated around a single ingredient, which is interpreted in exciting and original ways. By drawing out hidden facets, the perfumer creates a highly individual aroma that casts the familiar as unfamiliar, and so epitomises the Comme des Garcons ethos.

This is further evidenced by the bottles themselves. Variants on the iconic ‘pebble’ blueprint, the sculptural, asymmetrical outline fits comfortably into the curve of your palm, reflecting Kawakubo's idea that a fragrance should always be worn for your own pleasure, not necessarily to seduce.

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