Cartier Baiser Volé Perfumed Body Lotion

Cartier Baiser Volé Perfumed Body Lotion
Size: 200ml
Product Details

Cartier’s fragrances are an iconic blend of decadence and luxury, and the signature Cartier Baiser Volé Perfumed Body Lotion is no different.

Known for its subtle combination of floral aromas and femininity, this soothing yet rejuvenating lotion provides a deep and thorough moisturising treatment.

Simplicity is what makes this lotion stand out. Its hydrating properties will leave your skin looking soft and supple, while its vanilla-tinged lily scent will wrap your body in a sweet but subtle fragrance.

It’s no secret that body lotions should be used daily, to prevent dry, cracked skin, as they replenish natural oils in the skin and provide a protective layer of much needed moisture. Cartier’s conditioning ingredients hydrate and reinforce your skin barrier, replenishing minerals.

Work it into your morning and your evening routine, on humid or dry skin, to achieve best results.

how to use
  1. Gently massage and warm areas of your body before application
  2. Apply liberally all over your body, paying particular attention to dryer areas
  3. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth
  4. Allow moisture to dissolve into skin