Central to BOD’s ideology is that it’s not just about how you look, but also how you feel.

This a brand that understands the science behind the body, whether that means dermatological expertise or how to address that horrible bloated feeling. With their highly efficient body-boosting solutions, you can scrub, sweat, sculpt and control your own physique.

Part of the Be for Beauty umbrella, BOD was created by two former Boots beauty experts, with the intention of increasing women’s confidence by both reducing water retention and improving skin texture.

The Bath Prep products, for example, flush the body of any excess water and are consequently a lifesaver if you have any particular occasions coming up. The Sorbets, meanwhile, pack unbelievable levels of hydration into a single luxurious lotion.

With these wonder products from BOD, you don't only beat the bloat but feel and look utterly radiant.

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