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5 Tricks to Hide Your Christmas Party Hangover

By Luke Chapman - 11 months ago | Updated
Woman sleeping on desk in a Santa hat

The crackers have all been pulled, the champagne has all been drunk and the Quality Street have been eaten, yet the embarrassing antics from the night before are still fresh in our memories. Well, we can't do anything about hiding your embarrassment from drinking one too many Christmas shandies, but we can offer a few subtle ways to hide your hungover shame.

We've all been there. We all know the troughs of sickness and tiredness that will inevitably follow, but we can get through this together. Just follow our experienced guide and you'll be fine.

Fresh breath

Knock back a capful of mouthwash like it's a Sambuca shot from the night before. It may be a touch overpowering and fill you with a slight sickness, but trust us, it will be worth it in the long run. If the night before descended into the early hours of the morning, your alcohol-ridden breath will betray you – you need to act before it's too late.

mouthwash man

Spray some cologne

The scent of beer may still linger on your skin like a drunk man lingers at the bar, but there's a quick and simple way to mask the odorous evidence. Colognes are typically used before the night out, not afterwards, yet this is a time for extreme measures: spray some of your most powerful cologne and hope the pleasant fragrance dissolves some of the shame.

Don't have any cologne? Don't worry about it, we've got you covered. This Dior cologne is understated and subtle – the perfect balance for a morning where you're laying low at your desk.

FAHRENHEIT Eau de Toilette

Face cream

This one is for the truly dedicated, or for those of you who are really struggling. Face cream can make you look years younger, to the extent that no one will even know you went out the night before. Clinique have created a potent face cream that alleviates the bags under your eyes and the patchiness of your skin caused from the excessive booze – the perfect accomplice to mask your hungover state.

struggling man

Hair gel

Let's be honest, you're probably not going to have time for a shower before heading into the office, so you're certainly not going to have time to make sure your hair looks slick like it usually does. This calls for a hair gel that is designed for this exact situation, and luckily we have just the product; TIGI have created a bedhead range precisely for the times when you're struggling to get your head off the pillow.

The strong and powerful nature of the gel means you can just dab a little into your locks and after a few moments, you'll look ready for a day of business meetings, emails and spreadsheets. Even if you don't feel at your best, looking presentable may be enough to get you through the day.

TIGI Bed Head For Men Power Play Firm Finish Gel

Have a clean shave

When you think of a hungover, scruffy man who's failing to look professional, you always imagine someone with the classic five o'clock shadow. Well you can shave away the facial hair and shave away a touch of that headache in a few fluid moves of a powerful razor. You never know, making yourself look fresh-faced may lead to an upturn in your energy levels...it's certainly worth a shot anyway.

If your office is pretty big and has a secluded bathroom, it may be worth leaving a sharp razor in your drawer so you can have a few extra minutes in bed before embarking on your commute. Just make sure no one catches you and gives the game away to your boss.

foam man

Hopefully at least one of these quick and convenient tips can get you through the day. Just make sure your appearance and scent is at a socially acceptable level, you drink plenty of water and you don't get caught sleeping at your desk, and it should all be alright. Keep your head down until the clock strikes five and you'll soon be back home, ready for a quiet night in...or maybe to go and do it all over again.

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