Top 10 Christmas Nail Art Designs

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Christmas nails

Halloween has been and gone, chocolate selection boxes have started to swarm the supermarkets and it’s only a matter of minutes until the Coca-Cola advert hits our television screens.

Christmas is well and truly on its way, and whilst decking your house from top to bottom with sparkle can get you in the jolly mood, we prefer to showcase our seasonal spirit with some festive nail art.

That’s right, from December 1st it’s strictly Christmas nails in the Cosmetify grotto. It's standard procedure for us to give you a little inspo, so we've done the rounds and found a bunch of Christmas nail art ideas that make it straight onto the nice list.

1. Frosted fingers

Welcome the wintry weather with open arms (or hands) with this subtle snowflake design. Perfect if you don’t want to go too crazy with the sparkle, this festive take on the popular ombre nail will look wonderful when clasped round a warm mug of hot chocolate.

Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint - Scuba

Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint

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2. Candi-cure

Simple, elegant yet oh-so festive, this candy cane inspired manicure allows you to channel your inner sweetness. Whether you choose to stick to the red and white colour combo or experiment with other shades, this is a timeless classic that will look fab paired with a chunky knitted jumper.

GIVENCHY Le Vernis Intense Colour Satiny Shine Nail Lacquer - 07-Great Initie

GIVENCHY Le Vernis Intense Colour Satiny Shine Nail Lacquer

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3. Tree tips

Bring the baubles and the tinsel to your fingertips with this Christmas tree design. Intricate yet effortless, this manicure is a great option for nail art beginners. Just grab some glitter, tape and a matte top coat and you’re good to go.

OPI Top Coat

OPI Top Coat

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4. Santa claws

If this doesn’t scream Christmas spirit then we’re not sure what does. This incredible Santa Claus manicure is a winner if you’re looking to spread festive cheer. And if you're feeling really Christmassy, you could even throw a couple of cute Santa hats into the mix.

essie Nail Polish 13.5ml - 57 Forever Yummy

essie Nail Polish 13.5ml

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5. Make it rein

We couldn't possibly flaunt a Santa-inspired manicure without following it up with his beloved reindeer crew. Whether you want to showcase Rudolph or go all out with the entire sleigh, this is a seriously cute nail art idea that will spread seasonal spirit in an instant.

Nails Inc Hot To Trot Nail Varnish

Nails Inc Hot To Trot Nail Varnish

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6. Snowman-icure

If you can't possibly stray from a lick of pink paint then you're going to want to cast your eyes over this design. Pretty polka dots are combined with Jack Frost to bring you a super-festive manicure.

Mavala Nail Colour - 49-White

Mavala Nail Colour

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7. When in doubt, wear an ugly sweater

Who would have thought that an ugly Christmas jumper could look so good. This fair isle print is the perfect go-to if you're looking to slowly introduce your fingertips to decorative designs. All it takes is a lick of jumper-coloured paint and a pack of stencils and you're good to go.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

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8. Ginger nails

Candy canes aren’t the only sweet treat this season. Show your appreciation for Christmas baking by giving your nails a gingerbread makeover. Time and precision is needed with this one but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Nails Inc Nail Makeup Beaumont Street Nail Polish

Nails Inc Nail Makeup Beaumont Street Nail Polish

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9. Shine a light

Twinkle lights are a must at Christmas time and not just on the tree. Test your nail art skills and create this intricate design using a range of bod colours on a white base coat. This is a sweet and joyful way to show your festive spirit.

Revolution Neon Nail Polish Set

Revolution Neon Nail Polish Set

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10. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle

This is the ultimate look for the Scrooges out there this year. If Christmas isn’t your favourite but you'd still like to get involved with the nail art, then give this minimal glitter design a try. It’s sparkly and festive without being too ‘in your face’.

Barry M Classic Nail Paint

Barry M Classic Nail Paint

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So, that's a wrap. Christmas is the perfect excuse to get creative and these nail designs are a great way to kick start the festivities - you'll be surprised what you can fit on the end of your fingertips.

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