Barely is a UK based company with an incredible international mindset. Professional makeup artist Nicole McEvoy leads the Barely team with a burning desire to produce the best cosmetic tools that reflect her vision to cut back, strip down and waste less product.

Describing herself as a minimalist in almost every area of her life, she would love everything she uses to be multi-functional; it’s this mentality that has inspired the Barely Brand.

Sporting a ‘barely there’ feel, Barely products seek to create a minimal cosmetics style. The consensus is that making the most out of your makeup shouldn’t break the bank and cosmetic tools should serve more than one purpose.

Now, with their range of luxury award-winning beauty blenders, you can blend foundation and contour until your heart is content. These luxury makeup sponges will give you a professional finish that is flawless - you’ll be left in awe at how clever these little tools are.

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Barely Definer Sponge Hard

Barely Barely Definer Sponge Hard

Barely Prep, Blot & Blend Sponge

Barely Barely Prep, Blot & Blend Sponge