From the brand that provides the world with photographs and movies, comes a new wave of cosmetics. Fujifilm is quite possibly the last brand on earth you’d expect to create cosmetics, but when they say they can give you photo-ready skin and flawless silver screen complexion, well, you’d believe it.

After years of trying to create the perfect picture – and after having succeeded – it was time for a new challenge for Fujifilm: to create the perfect complexion. And so Astalift was born in 2007.

Introducing four innovative technologies, Fujifilm made a powerful connection between photographic film and the future of skincare. The first is a Nano Technology which delivers nanoparticles to smooth and blend the skin. The second is Collagen Technology which supports your skin’s elasticity and collagen synthesis. The third is Anti Oxidation Technology which banishes uneven skin tone and boosts your brightness. And the fourth is Optical Analysis and Control Technology which cleverly controls light to make your skin look more beautiful.

Four very simple technologies made one extremely innovative brand. Shop their exclusive line of creams, oils and lotions right here.

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Astalift Priming Lotion

Astalift Astalift Priming Lotion

Astalift Replenishing Day Cream

Astalift Astalift Replenishing Day Cream

Astalift Complete Make-Up Remover Oil

Astalift Astalift Complete Make-Up Remover Oil

Astalift Regenerating Night Cream

Astalift Astalift Regenerating Night Cream